July 11, 2015

Wishlist #3

And again my previous wishlist was a month ago, so I think it a high time for a new one!:) This time I created it with the things from my favorite site Shein:)
1. Cat eye sunglasses. I guess you've noticed that I adore sunglasses and all my last outfits are with them! I always feel more comfortable with them. I have lots of sunnies in my collection, but somehow I don't have this shape. I even borrowed similar glasses for one outfit post:) So now I want my own!
2. Cactus t-shirt. That's cactus t-shirt, Carl!:) Do I need to explain why I need one? It's so cool! And it matches with lots of clothes, too.
3. Striped midi skirt. Yes, stripes again:) I just can't resist them:) And I've been craving for some midi skirt for a long time and it seems like I've found a perfect for me variant. Definitely want it!
4. Chunky platform sandals. Because you can't have too many of those! Again, they can be worn with dozens of different outfits, making all of them much more stylish:)

That's what I have for this moment:) Do you want now the same things too?:)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3

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