August 29, 2013

Dreams come true;)

Although I don't want my studying to get started, I look forward for this autumn as I would be able to wear all those sweaters I've bought during summer:)
Also I’m really happy that I have this round hat in my wardrobe, as I was dreaming about it for a long-long time! Another proof that dreams come true eventually:)

August 27, 2013

Baby Bambi

I really love this Bambi sweatshirt from Givenchy Fall 2013 collection! I think that this piece has all chances to become the next must-have for every it-girl:) 

Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy it for myself, but luckily I've already got my "almost-Givenchy" bambi sweatshirt, which is also very adorable:)
This outfit is quite simple, as Bambi is the main star here:) Just a pair of my favorite white sneakers and denim high-waisted shorts. 

August 13, 2013