March 30, 2014

Pink Spring

I've never been a fan of a pink color. But somehow I like this bright trench coat:)
In this outfit I combined two things-of-my-dreams: white Converse shoes and Cambridge Satchel bag. I think these two pieces will be my favorites till the end of my life!)
And, of course, my truelove stripes and mom jeans - something I can't live without.
P.S. Have a bright spring:))

March 16, 2014

NY I Love You

I am absolutely in love with this coat! When I first saw it I had some doubts whether to buy it or not. Now I understand that it would have been a huge mistake if I hadn't bought it:) It goes well with everything!
And yes, New York. Although I have never been there, I love it. Love for the atmosphere of a big city, for its freedom, for everything. I believe that one day I will be there with a bagel in one hand and coffee-to-go in another:)
And I believe that dreams come true

March 12, 2014

Hogwarts Witch!

I will never be bored to say that second hand stores are definitely among the best places for shopping! This great checked coat I bought there and I love it so much!:) The necklace and a yellow cropped sweater are presents from my closest friends, and these shoes I won in one of the giveaways. My job was just to combine everything in one outfit. Hope you like it:)

Thanks for the photos to Alyona Lobanova

March 9, 2014

bag of my dreams

Yes! Spring came true, eventually! I'm super excited and happy because of that!:)
Cambridge Satchel bag was one of my dreams, I had been dreaming about it for more than one year. And hurray! I have it!:) All thanks to my beautiful friends Alyona and Ann, who presented me this bag for my birthday. Million of thanks, my dears<3

March 3, 2014

birthday girl!

People who know me know also the fact, that I have my birthday on the 29th of February. So yes, indeed I didn't have birthday this year:) But I still celebrate it every year, on the last winter's day!)
This year I had a perfect birthday! With perfect people around, perfect congratulations and perfect presents. I'm thankful for everything to everybody who was with me on that day. Thanks!