January 27, 2015

Grey Coat

Omg, it seems that I haven't written here for ages since my last post. It feels so bad and not right. I feel like I've already forgotten how to do that!:D Or probably I've never known it, haha:)
Anyway, let's hope that it will not happen again.
So.. what did I want to say? Ahh, right.
GOD BLESS THIS WINTER! Perfect weather as for winter, perfect. I can enjoy wearing my coats and hats, and perhaps you know already that if I can do that, I need nothing more.
By the way, I found this coat in the second hand store. Yes, you can start hating me for that:D

Thanks for these photos to my dear Tanya Olifirenko<3

January 15, 2015

How to make your wardrobe twice bigger

Every girl wants to have a big wardrobe, right? Ok-ok, not big, HUGE, ENORMOUS, TREMENDOUS wardrobe. Now it's right:D
Believe me, you don't have to spend much money to have it. You just need to be a little bit more creative with the one you have:) Here are some tips from me how to do it:
1) Wear your clothes in a different way. This checkered skirt, for example, is much longer (probably you rememeber it from this post). I just rolled it up and voilĂ ! A new skirt!:)
Also you may tie a shirt around your waist or throw a sweater over your shoulders.
2) Use clothes from your boyfriend's/brother's/father's wardrobe. Oversized things are still quite trendy, so don't forget to borrow (or take away:D) a shirt, a sweater or a cool sweatshirt. And combine them with some girlish pieces:) 
3) Take out old clothes from the farthest shelf. Usually we like wearing something that we bought last. But I'm sure that you have a big amount of clothes you forgot about. Take a fresh look at them.
4) Combine clothes unexpectedly. Probably you have some dresses that seem "too fancy" for your everyday life. Try to mix them with the most casual things. In the long run you may get a very interesting outfit:)
Can you suggest some other tips?) Let's help each other in this not-at-all-easy work of being a girl:D
Thanks for these photos to my lovely Alyona Lobanova!<3

January 10, 2015

Oversized beanie

Hello, my dears:) A couple of my previous posts were with photos from Paris, but this one is already from my lovely Kyiv. I am glad to come back here as I am really in love with this city. Forever and always!:)
Another my big love is definitely this beanie! How could I live without it earlier?:) Its baby pink color, big size and type of knitting are just perfect, aren't they? Anyway, if you don't have an oversized beanie in your wardrobe, probably it's time to start thinking about one:) It is warm and it looks really stylish. 

Thanks for the photos to great Anna<3 

January 7, 2015

Let's wear turtlenecks!

I wish winters in Kyiv were at least so warm as they are in Paris:) Wearing a biker jacket in winter in Ukraine is impossible for sure, but in France (with a warm sweater, of course) - please, be my guest!:) This kind of weather is simply perfect for me. I don't need summer and high temperature, let me wear my coats and I am happy:)
That day with my biker jacket I was wearing a brown turtleneck. I was lucky enough to find it in the second hand store, but thanks God there are a lot of them in shops for sale now. So if you still don't have a turtleneck in your wardrobe.. run, Forest, run!..and buy it as soon as possible:) 

January 4, 2015


Hey, there!) How is your year going so far? Mine is very lazy. Extremely lazy:D It's time to do something with it, but.. I'm too lazy for this kind of stuff!
Here is my another outfit from Paris. Yes, I know that it is difficult to say that the city on the background is Paris, but believe me, it really is:D The city was very crowded with tourists everywhere, so it was quite difficult to find some empty place to take pictures. But as you can see we did it:)
Paris is much warmer than Kyiv this time of the year, so I was very happy wearing my not-very-warm clothes. Hope you like the result:)

January 1, 2015

Paris, je t'aime

Hello, my dears! My first post in 2015 will be about Paris. Not bad, right?)
Visiting Paris has never been my dream. However it was always my mom's dream, and that's thanks to her and with her I spent there 10 days before New Year:) And I fell in love with it.
Yes, it was a little bit different from the picture I imagined, mostly because of the big amount of people there. But it didn't keep me from feeling all the atmosphere of this magical city.
So here is my outfit from the first day in Paris, together with some of my instagram photos:)

Thanks for the photos to my mom<3