October 29, 2014

Big sweater is watching you

When it comes to clothes, girls may be very inventive and I can say even sly (shh!). Our wardrobe is definitely not enough for us. Too many clothes? Never heard of such a thing:D 
That's why we always try to find some ways how to make the wardrobe bigger. Boyfriend jeans? Nothing weird, we all have a pair of those (or maybe two pairs. or three). Mom jeans? Can't imagine our lives without them. And now we have big oversized sweaters, that look as if they were taken from our fathers' wardrobes.  
My today's sweater is probably too bright for my father, but the size of it would fit him perfectly:)

Thanks for the photos to my talented Alyona Lobanova<3

October 26, 2014

Childish sweater

Sometimes we all wanna come back to our carefree childhood, when we didn't have to do anything. Playing with friends (without any mobile phones, haha), watching favorite cartoons (mine was Rugrats:D) and a little bit of studying (that seemed to be serious!). I am really thankful to my parents for my happy childhood. 
Sweater with different cartoon characters is a good way to forget about all your troubles at least for some time. 
P.S. Look, how much Tom wants that coffee:D

Thanks for the photos to Alyona Lobanova<3

October 24, 2014

Ukrainian Fashion Week s/s 2015

I love fashion weeks. Mostly for their atmosphere! When you see so many stylish people in one place, some celebrities who you saw only on TV, famous designers, models and photographers - what else do you need to be happy? I didn't take my camera with me, so I have photos only from my phone and from some sites. But I will remember everything even without any photos:)

With fashion photographer Tanya Olifirenko <3

October 17, 2014

In dark colors

Ukrainian Fashion Week is over already. Unfortunately I couldn't visit all days of it because of my work, so I've been there only during the 1st and the 4th days and visited 3 shows. I will write a separate post about it:)
And now we are all waiting for Mercedez-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, that will be from the 31th of October till the 2nd of November on NSC Olimpiyskiy. Can't wait for it already!

Burgundy, grey and black - that was my choice for one autumn day. Finally I've got a chance to wear my favorite grey coat, as I have been waiting for this moment during the whole summer!:) 
Actually, this outfit is all about my favorite things - grey skinny jeans, biker boots and this black beanie. 
Btw, I've decided to make my photos here bigger in size, hope you like the result:)

P.S. My congratulations, as it's friday today!:D 

Thanks for the photos to Tanya Olifirenko<3

October 14, 2014

Almost boho chic

These photos were taken during one great morning - I had a meeting with my adorable friends Alyona and Ann, we ate very delicious pizza for breakfast, drank coffee, walked around the centre of Kyiv and watched "Gone Girl" in the cinema. That was one of those perfect mornings when you're absolutely happy.

Probably this outfit has something in common with boho style, that is so popular nowadays. Denim shirt, cozy cardigan, brown hat and boots. Mmm, what else do you need to feel comfortable? Perhaps only warm autumn around.

Thanks for the photos to my lovely Alyona Lobanova<3

October 11, 2014

Biker jacket, Checkered Skirt

Hi, how are you doing there?:) It's one in the morning on my clock, I have to get up early tomorrow and I've decided that it's high time to write a post. Why not, after all? 
About one hour ago I was baking cookies for my friends, also nothing strange in that. Ordinary situation:D 
To my list of things I'm-totally-in-love-with this biker jacket has been added. I wear it way too often, I suppose. But as usual, I'm helpless:) 

Thanks for the photos to Tanya Olifirenko:) 

October 7, 2014

Ethnic cardigan

For some reason I associated this outfit with Pocahontas. I was really sure that these clothes are similar to what she wore. So I was very surprised when I saw her pictures on the Internet: summer dress, no cardigan and flowing hair. Well, we are all wrong sometimes:D

I can say that I'm pretty lucky with this outfit: the hat and the bag are presents from my lovely friends, the dress and these boots have been bought on sale and this cardigan I've found on second hand. Not bad, right?:) 

Thanks for these beautiful photos to Tanya Olifirenko<3 

October 3, 2014

Oversized trenchcoat

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - those are the words on my t-shirt. And those are the words said by Leonardo da Vinci. 
Looking great in simple clothes - that's what I always admired in people around me. And that's what I aspire to.
Military style becomes more and more popular nowadays. When you are talking about this style it's impossible not to mention trenchcoats, as they first appeared during the wartime. 
Khaki pants, heavy boots, black hat - and you're ready to fight for your place in this world. 

Thanks for the photos to beautiful Ania<3 (btw, check out her blog, she's got a great style!)

Street Style 11.

My photos of stylish people from Kyiv streets! Enjoy:)