October 3, 2014

Oversized trenchcoat

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - those are the words on my t-shirt. And those are the words said by Leonardo da Vinci. 
Looking great in simple clothes - that's what I always admired in people around me. And that's what I aspire to.
Military style becomes more and more popular nowadays. When you are talking about this style it's impossible not to mention trenchcoats, as they first appeared during the wartime. 
Khaki pants, heavy boots, black hat - and you're ready to fight for your place in this world. 

Thanks for the photos to beautiful Ania<3 (btw, check out her blog, she's got a great style!)

trenchcoat - second hand
t-shirt - uniqlo
khaki pants - bershka
biker boots - bershka
hat - pull&bear

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