February 17, 2014

tartan skirt

Yes, it's still winter here. And yes, I like this kind of winter!) I'm looking forward for the beginning of spring (and at the same time for my birthday in the end of winter:D )

I've bought this tartan skirt quite long time ago and for me it's a real mystery why I haven't worn it before. I like it soo much! So it's definitely not the last time I wear it!:)

February 5, 2014

Keep Calm and Style On

I'm definitely not among those girls, who wear some piece of clothes only once!:) I think that the ability to style your clothes in a different way is more important than the amount of them you have in your wardrobe.
Of course, buying new stuff is always a great pleasure for every girl :) But, unfortunately, sometimes you can't afford that. In this case you just need to try different combinations of what you already have.

Here are some of the clothes that I wear probably most often:)

My lovely oversized coat. I'm already waiting for warm weather to wear it again!)

February 1, 2014

a girl in a green scarf

I'm already bored to death with winter! Really.
I'm fed up with snow, low temperature and cold wind. One of the best ways to stay alive during this period is layering. The more clothes you put on the better:) I hope spring is near<3