November 25, 2014

Winter is Coming

Winter is the time when you have to wrap yourself in order not to be cold, when you don't know how to cope with electrified hair and when it's really difficult to take outfit pictures outside:D
But I love winter for all its magical atmosphere before New Year and Christmas. I like walking under falling snowflakes, drinking cocoa in warm cafes, when it's so cold outside, I like decorated streets and houses, I like waiting for a miracle every year, I like wearing Christmas sweaters and million of other cute little things!:)
This outfit was very spontaneous, as the previous night I was planning to wear completely different clothes. But when I woke up in the morning I saw a snow covered city and had to change my plans. However I'm happy with the result:)
Do you like winter?)

Thanks for the photo to sweet Ania<3

November 23, 2014

Parka and Hat

Today in Kyiv we have our first snow. However, I'm showing you the pictures that were taken a couple of days ago. Without snow yet:)
The perception of weather is completely different when you think about the necessity of taking outfit photos. Problems start at home in front of the opened wardrobe, when you realize that somehow you have to dress warmly and not-like-the-biggest-cabbage-in-the-world at the same time. While taking photos you understand that you need to do your best already from the first shots, before your photographer's hands turn into ice. All in all, winter is definitely not the blogger's best friend:D 
But I start waiting for New Year and all it's magical atmosphere. "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..." :)

Thanks for the photos to beautiful Ania<3

November 19, 2014

Double Green Check

I'm not the biggest fan of dresses, but sometimes I fall in love with some. Today's dress is definitely one of them! I wear it quite often and it was a great surprise for me when I realized that I've shown it in the blog only once. But even that one time I wore it as a skirt (you can see it here).
So I've decided to right a wrong and show it in all its glory:))

Thanks for the photos to my amazing Dasha<3

November 16, 2014

Autumn Mood

I strongly believe that it's super easy to look like a million if you have that million in the pocket. But when you can't afford spending a ton of money on clothes you have to be more inventive when creating different outfits. 
I belong to the category of people who need to think twice before buying some clothes in the shop. That's why I like second hand stores so much. If you are lucky enough, you can find there some awesome garments. 
Oversized coat, trendy turtleneck sweater, great navy skirt and a crossbody bag - all these things I've bought on second hand. And my wallet was very happy:)

Thanks for the photos to wonderful Ania<3 

P.S. Have you noticed that I almost managed to walk on this shot?:D

November 13, 2014

Two colored outfit

I have a question to the bloggers. Something that I really don't understand. How on earth can you walk on your shots??:D I tried, and I tried not once) But all the time I either have some strange facial expression, or the picture is blurred, or I'm out of focus. Do you really walk or you just pretend?
Pleeeeease, let me in on the secret! I promise not to tell anyone:D
Anyway, if one day you see in my blog a photo where I'm not just standing but actually moving, congratulate me) Let's hope that this day will come.

Thanks for the photos to wonderful Ania<3

November 9, 2014

Foggy outfit

If to be honest, I don't like long texts in fashion blogs. I rarely read them when I look through new posts (only if a blogger is really interesting for me) and I don't write them here. I like looking at beautiful photos and reading something like "today I wore this skirt with these shoes". For me that is a perfect blog's format. Although I understand that for many people text is probably the most interesting thing. 
And as all of us should stay true to ourselves.. here's my text. Today I've decided to wear simple look in dark colors. I went for my favorite grey coat, as the weather was pretty warm, black skinny jeans and my BFF black hat. Blue shirt works as a bright spot in this foggy kingdom.
Wish you to be strong during this working week!:)

Thanks for the photos to my wonderful friend Ira<3

November 7, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days S/S 2015

Traditionally, when Ukrainian Fashion Week is over, all the insiders of fashion industry wait for Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. 
This year I visited MBKFD for the first time in my life and already as the press. You cannot even imagine how excited I was when I received a letter with the confirmation of my press accreditation! That was one of those moments when you understand that everything you do is not in vain.
All the dreams should come true and this time my blog helped me to bring them to life.

The first day of MBKFD was on Friday and unfortunately I couldn't visit it because of my work. But I'm very happy that I managed to come on Saturday and on Sunday, as seeing fashion shows with my own eyes makes me one of the happiest people ever!

November 2, 2014

Red Pants in Autumn

Maybe I wear hats far too often, maybe. But I thought that soon it's going to be winter and I will wear only different beanies, no hats at all, and I have the full right to enjoy the last days of them. Soo, here is another outfit with my black hat:)
I've already had outfits with this coat here and here, and I must say that so far this is my most favorite coat ever. And the fact that I found it on second hand almost for nothing makes it even more genious.

Thanks for the photo to stylish Anna:*