November 19, 2013

Lemon head

I've never thought that this yellow beanie would be so controversial! When I wore it for the first time, my friends told me that my head looked like a big lemon, also I was called "a sun", "a chicken", "a sunflower" etc:) Furthermore, two old men who were looking like tramps said they liked my hat. So I don't even know what to think:) But nevertheless I like this sunny beanie! When everything around is so gloomy it is cool to be a bright spot in the crowd:)

November 3, 2013

Where is my brother Pugsley?

Frankly speaking, that is my first Halloween costume ever.)
Maybe it turned out to be not really spooky and halloweenish, but I like the result:)
For this outfit I've bought men's white shirt and snipped off the collar.) Hope it wasn't in vain ;)