January 4, 2015


Hey, there!) How is your year going so far? Mine is very lazy. Extremely lazy:D It's time to do something with it, but.. I'm too lazy for this kind of stuff!
Here is my another outfit from Paris. Yes, I know that it is difficult to say that the city on the background is Paris, but believe me, it really is:D The city was very crowded with tourists everywhere, so it was quite difficult to find some empty place to take pictures. But as you can see we did it:)
Paris is much warmer than Kyiv this time of the year, so I was very happy wearing my not-very-warm clothes. Hope you like the result:)

P.S. By the way, one of my best friends bakes the best brownies in the world! You can order them in n-bakery!

coat - sheinside
cardigan - second hand
shirt - second hand
bag - second hand
skirt - new look
shoes - new look
hat - stradivarius

Get this look for $241+ on Lookastic: Orange Wool Hat, Tobacco Open Cardigan, Charcoal Coat, Blue Denim Skater Skirt, Brown Leather Boots, Tobacco Leather Crossbody Bag, Red and Navy Plaid Dress Shirt, and Black Wool Tights

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3