January 10, 2015

Oversized beanie

Hello, my dears:) A couple of my previous posts were with photos from Paris, but this one is already from my lovely Kyiv. I am glad to come back here as I am really in love with this city. Forever and always!:)
Another my big love is definitely this beanie! How could I live without it earlier?:) Its baby pink color, big size and type of knitting are just perfect, aren't they? Anyway, if you don't have an oversized beanie in your wardrobe, probably it's time to start thinking about one:) It is warm and it looks really stylish. 

Thanks for the photos to great Anna<3 

beanie - H&M
sweatshirt - second hand
mom jeans - second hand
coat - second hand

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. love the beanie and need one!!

  2. Шапка с крупной вязкой является одним из главных маст-хэвов зимы) Без нее не обойтись) И я прикупила себе подобную)

  3. Love the beanie.I wish I had one ^^
    Kisses from Croatia :*
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    1. Nive to see you here!)
      I wish you to have such a beanie too!)