July 29, 2015

Striped Midi Skirt

I always like when bloggers take outfit photos with a bouquet of flowers. It creates such a pretty picture, especially with some romantic outfits:) When I put on this beautiful striped skirt in the morning, I thought that it would be really nice to have some flowers in my hands while taking pictures. So you can just imagine how happy I was when I saw my friend Jerry Heil with this nice bouquet for me!:) Thank you, dear!:) We had some really nice breakfast (you can see some photos in my and Jerry's instagram), walked and discussed lots of things:) Then we met Anna Pogribnyak and took pictures of our outfits. All three of us!:) It's so good to have friends with the same interests as you do!:)
And I cannot but mention this wonderful skirt from Shein one more time. If you remember I had it in my wishlist some time ago and I'm very excited to have it now!) It's so great I can't even express all my emotions towards it. I feel like a real princess wearing it!:) 

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3
striped skirt - shein (buy here)
top - second hand
shoes - new look

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. скільки уваги мені^^
    ця спідниця створена для фото!

    1. чекай нових фоловерів!)

  2. I love this skirt! This style of midi is my favorite - it always looks so flattering on everyone. Gorgeous flowers, too!

    crazy scarf girl

    1. Thanks, Emily!)
      I don't wear midi skirts very often, but I think I should start doing that:)