July 19, 2015

Pink Bag and Roses

Pink color has come to our wardrobes, let's admit it. I think you've seen lots of outfits with pink recently. And we are not against this color, let's admit this too:) My new level of loving this color is this wonderful pastel pink bag from CNDirect. I adore it already!:) It goes well with lots of clothes and colors. The size is also great - not too big, but big enough for my camera:) I always appreciate it:)
Pink bag, blouse with roses, platforms, midi skirt and I look like a girl again. Ha-ha:) 
By the way, I like that bag so much that I'm planning to order the same but of a different color. Hasn't decided yet what color though - yellow or blue? Any thoughts on that?)

Thanks for the photos to my Anna Pogribnyak:) 
pastel pink bag - cndirect (buy here)
floral blouse - forever 21
skirt - marks&spencer

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3