July 26, 2015

Confessions of a Bananaholic

me: Hello, my name is Nastia and I am a bananaholic!
audience: Hello, Nastia! *applause*

That how my film would start if I had one:) Yes, I really love bananas. Just 10 minutes ago I made banana tea. And after writing this post I will drink it with toasts with peanut butter, bananas and blueberries. And yesterday I ordered in a cafe a piece of banana cake. Two days ago I drank a banana smoothie. Tomorrow I will have granola with bananas and chocolate for breakfast. Am I crazy about bananas? Maybe, just a little:D
So, when I saw this banana t-shirt on Gressgal, of course, I couldn't help but order it:)
At first I thought that these beige pants wouldn't match this tee, as they have completely different style and mood. But somehow they worked well together:)

Thanks for the photos to my strawberryholic Anna Pogribnyak:D 
banana t-shirt - dressgal (buy here)
bag - cndirect (buy here)
vest, pants - second hand
shoes - shellys london

Thanks for reading!
Love, Bananagirl Nastia<3


  1. Nice look!You have a great talent in combining looks i think!I'm bananaholic too and eating bananas while writing this:)))))And I am your new follower!And sorry for my English that is not so well(i saw you are a teacher so i try no to do mistakes^_^)!Can't wait to read your earlier posts so have a nice day!

    1. Thanks a lot, Natalia!:)
      I'm eating a banana now too, haha))
      your English is fine, don't worry))

  2. The things I like the most about your looks are thrifted so I can't order them online :( I hate bananas... To me, they have an after taste of nail polish... I don'T know. Nice look :)

    Have a good one xx

    F├ędorah urban-gal.blogspot.com

    1. wow, interesting comment about bananas)) I've never thought about nail polish))
      oh, sorry to hear about second hand clothes:( but I'm sure it's possible to find something similar online:)
      thanks for commenting!)

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  4. where do you buy that pant? & it's a very nice look.

    1. Oh, thanks!) They are from a second hand store:))

    2. What's the name of the pant because I want it :D