July 21, 2015

Plants are Friends

I think some people are more than happy when the weather is hot in summer, but I'm definitely not among those people. I dream about autumn already. Coats, boots, scarves. berets - what can possibly be better than this? A little bit more than one month left. I'm waiting!
And for now I find happiness in other things:) My new shopper bag from CNDirect is one of them! Its big size is all I need, seriously! I can put there everything. My camera, wallet, power bank for my iPhone, my bottle with water and lots of other things:) So convenient!:) Try it:)

Thanks for the photos to my Anna Pogribnyak!:)
t-shirt - cndirect (buy here)
shopper bag - cndirect (buy here)
watch - cndirect (buy here)
straw hat - dressgal (buy here)
skater skirt - bershka
shoes - converse
blue shirt - second hand

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. о так,ці сумки - то любов.
    але є проблема - я ніколи в ній нічого не можу знайти Т_Т

    1. о, так) з'явилась така проблема))
      але загалом це спасіння!)

  2. So pretty!
    I'm agree with you, I definetely prefer autumn and winter... I'm from Spain and here we get scorched by the sun!!
    The beach is the best way to cope with the heat!!
    Great post :)

    1. Thank you for the comment, dear!)
      I don't like beaches, so for me that is not the way out:)
      I just hope for colder weather))

  3. Oh i think autumn is a really ideal season for every fashionista:)I love autumn only for its coats, boots, sweaters and hats!But speaking about weather i wish september last forever:))

    1. yes, I like September too!:)
      can't wait to wear autumn clothes:(