July 6, 2015

Perfect Denim Skirt and Some Story from the Past

I had been craving for such a skirt for a long time! So you couldn't even imagine how happy I was when I received it:) I ordered this denim skirt from SheIn (former Sheinside, that we all know about) and it's just amazing! The material, the shape, the color! I was worried about the size, but, fortunately, it fits me perfectly:) Btw, I ordered size M - maybe it will help you to choose your size:)
I combined it with a black velvet tee (too bad you can't see the fabric well), chunky platforms and brown accessories. The outfit is quite simple, but I'm more than happy with the result:) 
Weird or not, but I know 100% percent that I will never wear this outfit again:) I never wear the same outfit twice. Yes, I wear the same clothes and I wear them a lot, but I always try to create different combinations. That's the reason why I wear very simple outfits on the days when I don't take photos for my blog. I just don't want to waste a nice outfit!:) Do you ever have this feeling or is it just me?:)
There is one outfit, though, which I had worn three times! THREE TIMES, CARL! It happened with this outfit:) When I wore it for the first time I was with my friend Julia, but we didn't have enough time and as a result I didn't like the photos. When I came home I was sad because of that, so Tanya (the girl I live with) offered to take photos of it one more time. So I wore the same combination for the second time, but after the very first shot the wind blew and my hat turned out to be in the puddle nearby:D So we had to go home:) And after some time I wore it for the third time and finally the photos were taken!
That's the story, kids, how I met this outfit three times:D

And for these wonderful photos I'm thankful to my dear Alyona Lobanova<3
denim skirt - shein (buy here)
platforms - dressgal (buy here)
sunglasses, rings - pull&bear
t-shirt, bag - second hand

Thanks for reading!
Love. Nastia<3


  1. Hi just got to pas by your blog and your style is really amazing. ♥
    I'll be eyeing for your upcoming post soon =)


    1. Thank you very much!
      I'm very happy to hear it!<3