February 28, 2016

Wishlist #5

Oh, say "hello" to my fifth wishlist on the blog! This time I picked some of my favorites from CHOIES - very popular website for shopping. As you see, all of these items can be combined in one pretty cool outfit, but at the same time they can be used it lots of other combinations. Continue reading if you are interested in my thoughts concerning it:)
np: Fan Death – Reunited

1. Grey Fluffy Sweater. Because it's grey and it's fluffy, haha! Even wearing it with simple ripped skinny jeans you will look amazingly stylish. Add some biker boots, Adidas Stan Smith or white Converse sneakers, and oh my! 
2. Black Lace Bra. Because you definitely can't live without one. Or two. Or a dozen! They look soooo beautiful. And I really like when they are a little bit visible - wearing them with the sweaters like that grey one, or with tank tops and chunky cardigans. Mmmm, I'm lovin' it! Even if no one sees it, you'll feel special. Trust me:)
3. Black Hat. Haha. Are really you waiting for my explanation why I need this?:D
4. Studded Ankle Boots. The more you have the better! Cause they match perfectly with most of things - jeans, skirts, and even dresses. You may put on a cute dress and then realise that you don't want to look too sweet, girlish or overdressed. In this case biker boots can easily help you. Plus you'll look much cooler:) 
5. Burgundy A-line Skirt. Such skirt can create an incredible look without any difficulties! You can wear it with the simplest clothes but look gorgeous, as this skirt will be a statement piece of your outfit. Combine it with turtlenecks, oversized sweaters, or white shirts. 
6. Grey Shoulder Bag. In love with its shape and minimalistic style! And it's proved - the less bag you have the less unnecessary things you carry with you:D It will look great with black and white combinations, burgundy, mustard, dark green colors. 

And what is in your wishlist?:) Any favorites from mine?

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3