February 17, 2016

Spring Must-Haves

My post "Autumn Must-Haves" was written in the middle of autumn, haha:) This time I decided not to make the same mistake and write about Spring Must-Haves in the end of winter, I guess it's more logical:) I do not share here some spring trends, these are my personal recommendations what to wear in spring 2016! All the items I found on ROMWE site - one of the most popular online stores with clothes, shoes and accessories. All the clothes have a link to the site in case you want to find out a price, see more detailed information or order anything:) Just click the number below the picture.

np: Asbjørn – The Criminal
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Haha, of course, I have stripes on my list! My favorite print ever. I already started wearing striped tops and started looking at them in the shops. Because you can't have too many striped tops!
I love to see people who look amazingly stylish without creating an impression of trying too hard - if you know what I mean. They look like they put on the very first things that fell out of their closet, but oh-my-goodness-look-how-stylish-they-are! I'm sure that striped tops will help you to achieve this wow effect - especially when they are with some interesting details, like contrast cuffs, a bear or a turtleneck.

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Another thing to create the effect I described in the first point is a sweater dress. It's perfect for those days when you are too lazy to think of an outfit - just throw on this dress adding some biker boots or sneakers and voila! It already looks amazing:) You can take any kind of bag - a shoulder bag, a backpack or a shopper - everything will look great.
You may wonder why I recommend wearing sweater dresses in spring but not in winter, and I'm ready to answer. In the cold season, you definitely need to put on some outerwear and in this way, you'll hide all the beauty of such dress. In spring everyone on the street we'll see it:)

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Because it was too cold for them in winter and we missed them, right? A good shirt may be very universal - you can wear it to school, university, work, on a date or some business meeting, etc. It can be worn with all kinds of clothes, like skirts, pants, overalls, or some jeans - this helps you to create endless number of different outfits.

                        №1                                          №2                                                 №3
 A biker jacket is one of the things that will never go out of style, it's a well-known fact. And it can be worn with all the things I showed you before:) Although I really love coats, I look forward to wearing my biker jacket. It a must-have not only for spring but if you still don't have one, this spring is perfect to start wearing it. You'll never regret buying a biker jacket, believe me.

I really hope it was useful for you:)
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3