February 24, 2016

Why Fashion Blogger is a Good Example

coat - shein (buy here)
dress - chicwish (buy here)
kepi - cvetkova flora (buy here)
silver ring - 11 silver space (buy here)
watch - ziz (buy here)
sneakers - zara
furry clutch - mango
np: Dotan – Hungry (Speedcity Remix)

Yes, bloggers are really worth being followed as an example. And I'm not talking only about the outfits that you may try to recreate - I'm talking about being brave when it comes to something new.
Hundreds of times there were cases when bloggers started wearing some new kind of trend and it felt strange at first, like "What on earth have you put on you?". But after seeing this thing lots of times on different bloggers you get used to it, then you start thinking maybe you also need to get one, then you start looking on the Internet where you can order it, then it appears in mass-market shops and voila! Now you have it, you like it, you're happy:) And you don't even remember that at first you didn't like that trend.
Wearing hats, sneakers with coats, mom jeans - all these things were not accepted from the very first minute. People needed some time to get used to them and eventually to love them.
And that's why I think that bloggers can be a good example - they are not afraid. And I can't even say that I'm always one of them, as most of my outfits are more down-to-earth, but there are lots of courageous bloggers and I'm sure you are following the blog of at least one of such kind:) Yes, sometimes they also go to extremes and wear completely crazy things. Even as their "colleague" I can admit it:) But they are not scared doing it and that is my advice to you.
As for this outfit, I can say that the base is quite simple - just a dress and a coat. These are details that make this look more interesting:) Silver mid-finger ring from 11 silver space, a white watch from ziz.ua, and a kepi - all of these things are made in Ukraine, by the way! Plus some mass-market stuff on top - sneakers from Zara and a cool furry clutch bag from Mango. All these details created one of my most favorite outfits so far.

And, of course, many thanks for these amazing photos to Artem Popkoff! New York atmosphere in the centre of Kyiv<3
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


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  2. Okey, I'm one of your biggest fan of your blog!! I really love your style and I'm agree with you :)
    Bloggers are not afraid, we show our style and we have to accept the variety! This is the coolest thing of the fashion, the variety of the combinations and outfits. :)

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