February 14, 2016

That's Just Me

sweater - shein (buy similar here)
jeans - shein (buy here, I ordered size L)
faux fur coat - lookhunter (buy here)
necklace - pipperoo (buy here)
hat - stradivarius
bag - cambridge satchel
boots - zara

np: Roby Fayer – Safety Land (ft. Rotem Aberbach)

Doing everything on time is definitely not about me. During my studying at school and university, if I had a week to do some task, be sure I was doing it during the last night before handing it over. The same situation was with all the projects at my work. I really hate this characteristic of mine, but that's probably who I am (or I'm too lazy to change it, haha:)). Nowadays I'm almost always late for some meetings. First I'm sitting near my laptop calmly 'cause I think I have plenty of time, and then I'm running over my flat screaming "Damn it!". Or I may be so afraid to be late that I come 10-15 minutes earlier. But coming just on time? Hardly ever.
Why am I telling you this? First of all, after these words you shouldn't be wondering why I post these photos with snow (which were taken more than 3 weeks ago) only now when it's nearly spring outside. Secondly, if you have a meeting with me - at least, don't come earlier our arranged time, I beg you:D And if you are late, then both of us will come at the same time!:)

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3
Hairstyle by Anastasia Kalyna!;)
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3

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  1. The coat is wonderful : ) And the color of the necklace is the perfect touch to round up the outfit ; ) Well done!