May 5, 2015

Wishlist #1

I've been thinking for a long time already that I need to add some diversity to my blog.
So here is my first ever wishlist in the blog!:) Who knows, maybe it will become a tradition. Do you guys like such posts? Let me know:)
For this very important mission, I chose some items from and now I will try to explain why I need (yes, not even wish:D) to have them in my wardrobe. 
1. Navy overalls. If this is not the first my post you are reading, probably you've noticed my recent love to French mood in my outfits. Lots of stripes, berets and red lipstick. And now imagine all this combination together with these overalls. Perfect, right? 
2. Sunglasses. I guess no need to explain why I need these? The more you have the luckier you are, really. And I feel more comfortable while taking pictures if I wear some shades. Definitely need them!
3. Shoulder bag. No girl in the world has ever said that she has enough bags. Because it's just impossible:)
4. White t-shirt. In this post I already told you how much I love t-shirts with some phrases on them. They are super stylish! This one I love even more because of the cute lace. Looks so unique and cool!:) 
5. Peep toe shoes.  Well, they are striped. That can explain everything, right? My most favorite pattern ever! My everlasting love<3 But, what is more, I really love this peep toe detail and platforms. Although I'm 1.75cm, I always want to be higher. These cuties seem like a good solution:)

So, that's all for today! Enough dreaming, time to go to bed!:) Hope you like this post!:)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. What an amazing outfit honey!!
    The shades and the shoes are perfect!

    xoxo colli tobeyoutiful

  2. Great wishlist!

  3. Great Post,

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