May 27, 2015

What to Wear in Summer

Summer is in four days! Can you imagine it?) I can't and moreover I don't want to as I really don't like summer because of the hot weather. But wearing cool clothes can help in any situation, right?:) Do you know already what to wear in summer? If yes, then you can write me your ideas, it will be interesting to read them. If no, you can read mine:) I prepared for you a lot of nice variants from Sheinside for this summer:) All the numbers under the pictures have links, so it's super easy to find them on the site:) 
                         1.                              2.                                   3.                                 4.
1. Jumpsuits!:) That's a perfect solution when you don't want to spend much time on thinking what to wear:) Add cool sandals, a straw hat, a shoulder bag, some minimalistic accessories and you are ready to conquer this world!) You can choose a cute jumpsuit with ice-cream, more classical one or striped, of course!:) I like all of them:)
                     1.                           2.                                   3.                               4.   
2. Denim, sir! We can't imagine our lives without jeans, but there are so many other great denim clothes! This denim dress, for example. You can wear it with some crop tops, t-shirts, blouses - everything you may think about and it looks very cute and stylish. Button front skirt is a real must have now and I really want one.
Denim shorts! You definitely can't live through this summer without a pair. I adore this pair of banana shorts, for example. Because they are with bananas! And I'm a fan of bananas!:) 
The last but not least here is a denim sleeveless jacket. I have one and it saved me so many times in my life. When you wear a simple outfit and feel that something is missing - just put on this sleeveless jacket. It will help, I promise:) 
                        1.                               2.                                   3.                                    4.
3. Off shoulder tops and dresses! Yes, yes and yes!:) Shoulders and collar bones are so beautiful that they definitely should be shown! All these variants are so tender and feminine - I'm in love with each of them. White or black off shoulder tops that you can combine with high waisted jeans or a button front skirt, together with a brown hat and a small shoulder bag - mmm! Shut up and take my money, as it is said:)) This wonderful black dress is perfect for the city and can be worn with gladiator sandals and a hippie headband, while a white dress you can wear on the beach for barefoot walks near the sea. 
                          1.                              2.                               3.                                4. 
4. Oversized trousers. I guess you noticed that I really love them! Probably you think that summer is not the time for long trousers, but they are much more comfortable than skinny jeans and you can wear them in the evening:)
                  1.                               2.                                 3.                                     4.
5. Spaghetti strap tops and dresses. No, not only because of the word "spaghetti" here!:) But that is also a nice reason:D You can wear t-shirts during any other season, but summer is time to show our shoulders, as I've already said:) I chose a nice cut out top, a light blue embroidered top and a minimalistic black one. With my love to simplicity I love the last one most of all!:) What's your favorite?
                  .         1.                     2.                       3.                         4.                           5.
6. White shoes. Because when else if not in summer?) Especially when they are so trendy! And on sale:D

Omg, this post turned out to be so long! Hope, you've read it till the end and got some ideas for this summer:)
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3

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