May 25, 2015

To Buy or Not to Buy - That is the Question

You're standing in the shop. You are looking at some clothes. You've been doing it for 10 minutes already and still no results. You faced the problem you don't know how to solve. There is only one question in your head - to buy or not to buy. Is that about you?
In order not to buy stuff you won't wear in the future, answer these 5 easy questions:) 
1) Do you really need this piece? I mean really need:) Are you sure you don't have a similar one? "I want" and "I need" are two completely different things. Always give preference to the second category if you have doubts about buying something.
2) Do you know what to  wear it with? Buy a thing only if you have a couple of ideas how to style it. Don't hope that you'll think it up later - it's now or never.
3) Is that your size? Of course, we may want something so badly we don't even pay attention to the size, but if you have some doubts in the first place - then choose only clothes that fit you perfectly. No compromises here.
4) Is it of good quality? The situation here is similar to the previous point. Sometimes we can close our eyes to quality if we feel we can't live without this thing. But if you are not sure and this thing is of poor quality - leave it where it was. 
5) Can you afford to buy it? I mean without any sacrifices like "I will not eat till the end of the month!" If it's difficult for you financially - forget about it:) It's not worth it.

Sometimes you just need to leave it in the shop for one day. If you can't sleep well at night because you're afraid someone will buy it - then you should come back:) 
And if you come back and that piece was sold out already, then it's wasn't a thing for you. Everything is very simple here:) 

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak:) 
hat, jeans - pull&bear
striped shirt - bershka
shoes - mellow yellow

Thanks for reading! I hope my tips will help you:)
Love, Nastia<3

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  1. Your tips are very helpful - I apply the same principle, myself. Thank you for sharing them. I just came across your profile on Lookbook and wow, I quite like your style =D xo Great post!

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW