May 23, 2015

Keep Calm and Challenge Yourself

It's Sunday now and it's the last day of my 14-day no sweets challenge!:) Can you believe it?) For me these two weeks passed really quickly and easy. If to be honest I'm even a little bit surprised with how it was, as I really expected lots of problems. It was difficult for me only when I came to different cafes, but even then I didn't have a big desire to eat something sweet, I just was sad :D
Anyway, I understood that challenging yourself is really great and we all should do it from time to time. When you just say something unclear like "I think I shouldn't eat sweets" it doesn't work. At least it never worked for me and when I came to some cafe I couldn't help but buying some cake. 
But you perceive it completely differently when you accept a challenge! Especially together with your friends, when it becomes a game where you want to be a winner:) 
Btw, starting from Monday I will have two more challenges - 7 days without coffee and 7 days waking up at 6. Great combination, huh?) Would you like to join me?) Let's do it! Start challenging yourself together with me:) If you are ready to accept my challenge, write me here in the comments or in any social network - it will be really interesting to know that you decided to do it with me!:) And good luck to all of us!<3

Thanks for the photos to my dear Anna Pogribnyak^^ 

coat, pants, belt - second hand
crop top - bershka
sunglasses - pull&bear
bag - cambridge satchel
shoes - shellys london

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia!<3


  1. Боже мой, до чего же это круто!!!!! Идеальный образ, I'm in love!!!

    1. Спасииииибо!)
      как же приятно!

  2. Love the look,especially the coat and pants!
    Modavracha | Blog

  3. So stylish! Love the colors!

  4. I love this look! It's so pretty and perfect, really love it :D Perfect combination and I love the colors :)

    1. Thank you so much!
      You made me happy with such a comment!)

  5. Как же я люблю ваш стиль!) Каждый образ просто идеально собран!
    Welcome to my blog RITALIFESTYLE

    1. Как же приятно!!
      Спасибо огромное!)