May 9, 2015

New Challenge

Some time ago I already shared with you my first film photography post. And a few days ago together with Alyona Lobanova we decided to try one more time:) It wasn't so scaring as the first time, but I was still nervous a little bit, as we had only 12 shots. I'm showing you only 9:D 
And now I have 2 pieces of news that I want to share with you:
1) I was featured in the first issue of the online magazine A'MORE - you can click on the name and find me there:)
2) Together with my friends photographers Olga Dementeva and Artem Popkoff, I accepted 14-day no sugar challenge! No cakes, no sweets, no-no-no!:) For now I can't even imagine it, but why not to try:) Will see how it goes:) 
coat - sheinside
top, bag - second hand
jeans, sunglasses - pull&bear
necklace - accessorize
shoes - mellow yellow

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3