May 14, 2015

How To Buy Second-Hand Clothes

My wardrobe is huge, really. And the secret here is not really a secret because if you read my blog you may have noticed that a big part of my clothes is from second-hand stores:) 
Because of that I receive many questions about it and I decided to dedicate a post to this topic:)
And yes, I know that not everybody supports the idea of buying clothes in such a way, but if you are on my side this information may be useful for you:) 
So here are some tips from me:
1) Don't be lazy! Don't expect that all the best clothes are just waiting for you on the surface. You need to look for them thoroughly and be very attentive:) Believe me, the skirt of your dreams is hiding among the biggest trash in the world :D
2) Check out all the departments - for women, men, and even kids!:) Some time ago I mentioned in one post that you can borrow clothes from your boyfriend/father/brother's wardrobe, so the same trick can be done in the second-hand:) Two pairs of my mom jeans I found in the men's department, for example.
3) Never pay too much attention to the size if you really love some piece. Especially in the case of tops. You can always roll up the sleeves, wear it unbuttoned or it can be just oversized:) 
4) Notice the price changes! Second-hand stores tend to reduce prices every day. First you should buy something you-can't-imagine-your-life-without:) And don't forget to visit this store one more time after a couple of days - believe me, when you know that the price is low, you look at the things completely differently:) 
5) Go regularly!:) If you often check out the stores and follow my previous rules - I can guarantee the result:)

Anyway, here is my new outfit:) And, of course, some things are second hand:)

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak!:) 

hat - stradivarius
sunglasses - pull&bear
top - zara
shoes - new look
skirt, vest, bag - second hand (aren't they nice?:)

Thanks for reading such a long post!:)
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Клаасс! Отличный вышел пост)

  2. Дуже цікавий пост))) Я часто заходжу в секонди, але дуже рідко знаходжу щось хороше. Заздрю людям, які вміють це робити, у мене подруга така є))) А щодо дитячих відділів - дуже багато речей там моєму хлопцю знайшли! (він невисокого зросту просто). Дякую!

    1. Головне не здаватися))
      і тоді все буде)
      я рада, що пост сподобався, дякую!)

  3. Такая хорошечка с этими косичками)

    Мне тоже нужна шляпа такого цвета, но я что-то в нашем страдивариусе такую не видела(

    1. моя не из новых коллекций, сейчас там таких тоже не видела(
      спасибооо тебе!)

  4. amazing outfit, like your skirt, it looks so vintage, I am in love :)
    Welcome to my BLOG

    1. Thanks!!) This skirt is second hand, so it may be vintage, actually))

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