October 27, 2015

Trench Coat

trech coat - yoins (buy here)
sweater - cndirect (buy here,)
beret, scarf - second hand
shoes - shellys london
skirt - bershka
np: daKooka – coffee

Hey, guys:) I haven't written here for 4 days already and for me that's a big break, actually. But don't think that I was doing nothing. I had some photoshoots and now I just need some time to show you all of them:) I'm pretty excited about some of them and can't wait to show you the result.
But let's do everything step by step:) When you look at the photos in this post, you see quite a romantic French outfit again, a beret, a beautiful location, and so on. But you can't even imagine how difficult it was during this shoot - it was very cold, windy, I didn't like how I looked, my hair was flying with the wind and I was pretty upset because of it. And I want to thank my wonderful Jerry Heil who was really patient and supportive during all of this<3
Let's talk a little about this outfit now, shall we?) That's the first time you see this black trench coat on my blog, but definitely not the last one. Although we will wait till spring, unfortunately, as now it's very cold for it. Such a basic thing is really needed in every girl's wardrobe! You can wear it with striped tops, hats, sneakers, skinny or mom jeans, dresses etc. Millions of outfits can be created with such an item. I ordered this trench coat from yoins.com - a site with lots of beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories. And although you can't see it very well (hello, cold wind!:)), underneath I have a blue sweater - I like how it matches some colors on my scarf:)

Thanks for the photos to my Jerry Heil<3 (click here to check out her youtube channel)
 Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Super:) xx

  2. Really sweet look! I like everything, especially your watch!