October 29, 2015

Kyiv - New York

striped blouse - wholesalebuying (buy here, I ordered size L)
orange vest - wholesalebuying (buy here, I ordered size XL)
jeans, boots - bershka
clutch bag - second hand
hat - atmosphere
np: Lewis Del Mar – Loud(y)

I guess there are no people without dreams - big or small, easy to bring to life or unreal. One of my biggest dreams (if not the biggest) is to visit New York. It happened that I don't like nature:) Well, I can't say that I hate it or something, no. I just don't really like spending time in the forests, mountains, near the rivers, etc. If to choose between a vacation on a tropical island or staying in Kyiv, I will stay at home:D I like the city rhythm, I like the underground, cafes, and the atmosphere of a busy life. That's why NY seems like a perfect place for me. Why did I start talking about it? The photos in this post remind me of New York. I wanted such a photoshoot for a long time and thanks to my dear friend Alyona Lobanova I have it now. I'm so so happy!
And I know that one day my New York dreams will become a reality too. Never stop dreaming<3

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3

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  1. Amazing! I love the striped blouse with the yellow vest!
    Looks gorgeous!

    xoxo, Colli