October 17, 2015

Autumn Must-Haves

It's better late than never! That's what I thought when I decided to do this post:) Sometimes it's so difficult to find all the things you want in the shopping malls, so I want to show you some wonderful pieces that I've found on shein.com - one of my favorite online stores, as you know:) You can click on the description under a picture to find the item you like on the site:)

np: Zeds Dead – Shut Up & Sing v2.0 (feat. Greta Svabo Bech)

1. First of all, these are sweaters, of course:) How can one live without a beautiful and warm sweater? That's impossible, we all know that. I'm a fan of such simple yet incredibly stylish sweaters! And the color of these babies. Oh, I'm in love with every one of them!
                    red sweater                               green sweater                           grey cardigan

2. Backpacks are extremely convenient when it's cold. Your hands are free and you can put them inside of your pockets or hold a cup of coffee-to-go. Plus you can put lots of things inside of a backpack.
                     black backpack                  white backpack                         red backpack

3. Hats. I have a lot of hats (never enough, though) and you often ask where to buy them. So here they are - wonderful hats of wonderful colors.
                   black hat                                    red hat                                    beige hat

 4. Coats. Oh, coats. Lots of coats. More. I need more!
                          red coat                                 plaid coat                                beige coat

5. Boots. Without a pair of stylish shoes, your outfit won't be complete, of course. These boots can be worn with everything - jeans, skirts, dresses. Want all of them.
                   chunky boots                              brown boots                            black boots

I hope that I made your life easier at least a little:)
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3

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