October 11, 2015

Things You Need To Do In Autumn

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You know, sometimes I think it's so unfair that people may not like autumn! Of course, when it's still warm after summer it's easy to enjoy autumn days. But as soon as it gets colder, people start complaining. So I decided to write the list of things that must be done in autumn if you want to give autumn a second chance:)
1. Go for a walk!:) The weather is not extremely cold yet, so it's high time to go for a stroll. It will be much more difficult in winter (although also possible, of course), so do it now. Walking with a friend or alone with music, walking slowly, walking in the places full of golden leaves. Yes, it sounds simple. But when was the last time you did it? Not running to work, not going from the underground to a cafe, just walking in the park without being in a hurry. I don't remember when was mine, for example.
2. Drink much cocoa, coffee and tea! It can be combined with a previous point - it's so pleasant to hold a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows when your hands are cold!  Or it can be done in your favorite places - sitting near the window, looking at all those busy people outside and sipping a drink from heaven. Somehow all these drinks taste better in autumn.
3. Wear cozy clothes - cardigans, sweaters, scarves, hats. I'm in love with my new gray cardigan from shein.com. I don't want to take it off, seriously. Of course, I can't wear such a beauty only at home, so it inspires me to go outside and follow first two points. I'm sure it's not the last time you see it on my blog.
4. Buy cute warm pajamas! We all know how difficult it is to get out of the blanket in the morning. But this process is not so difficult when you wear something warm. By the way, if you need, I may tell you where to buy perfect pajamas;)
5. Try eating a pumpkin. And here I don't mean just boiled and smashed pumpkins, no. Try it in the craziest variants possible. There are so many different recipes on the Internet. If you are too lazy for that just go to the cafe. You've already seen on my Instagram a photo of a pumpkin pie, and recently you've seen a picture with a pumpkin soup and a salad with a pumpkin. And I'm sure that there are hundreds of other dishes with this vegetable (is it a vegetable, by the way?).
6. Cook an apple pie! Of course, you can also order it in the restaurant. but it will not be the same. Cooking an apple pie is not difficult at all and I guess everyone can do it, even if you haven't baked much before. You can add a ball of ice cream to your pie while serving. It's a perfect combination:)

I can continue this list forever as I really adore autumn! But I'm not sure if you could live through it even with six points only:D So I will finish here, but if you have a desire, one day I may write a continuation:)

Thanks for the photos to my wonderful Julia<3

Thanks for reading this quite a long post! I'm proud of you if you made it till the end!:D
Love-love-love, Nastia<3