August 6, 2015

Surprise! Summer Outfit in Summer

In the previous post, you saw me in a long white top. Well, as you see, nothing has changed so far:D Well, actually it's a loose dress now, but I decided to wear it as a top. Why not, right?) As I am looking at this outfit now, I'm even a little bit surprised. It looks summerish! Wait, what? It's not black, it's without any jeans or pants, without a beret. Wooooow. Something new:D I'm joking, of course, as sometimes I do have summer looks, but it happens really seldom. Hi, that's me. I still don't like summer:D

And I can't but tell you about my new watch from Daniel Wellington. They are more than perfect, really. I'm seriously in love with them. On their site, you can choose different watches of different colors. But I decided to go for this gorgeous black and white variant. Prepare to see them often in my blog, as I'm not going to take them off my wrist:D
By the way, I have some nice announcement - if you want to order the same watch or any other, you can use code "MANNEQUIN-PARADE", it will bring you 15% discount. Cool, right?)
Ok, I have to run already, so I wish you to have a great day!:) 

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3
loose top/dress - dressin (buy here)
watch - daniel wellington (buy here, use "MANNEQUIN-PARADE" code for 15% discount)
sunglasses - newdress (buy here)
skirt - shein (buy here)
shoes - new look

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3