August 25, 2015

Blue jeans, white shirt

np: Sante, J.U.D.G.E. - Awake (Original Mix)

Omg, it seems like forever since my last post (although it's been only 4 or 5 days:D). But as usual I'm glad to be back!:)
As you see above, I decided to write what song is playing while I am writing a post:) It is not connected with the mood of the outfit or something like that, just what I'm listening to at the moment. Maybe it will be interesting for you, you can turn it on before reading:) 
Some time ago I wrote a post called Back to school outfit ideas and I think that today's outfit could also be in that post:) Especially if to wear this white plaid blouse with some black jeans instead of these ones.
By the way, how do you like my new high-waisted jeans? I loooove them! I ordered them from, one of my favorite sites. I decided to take XL size and they are a little bit big for me, that's why if you have the parameters similar to mine, you should order a smaller size:)

Actually you have a great opportunity to win 100$ coupon on site:) Read the rules below and take part here! All you have to do is to upload pictures with your favorite fashion styles, those can be your own photos or from the websites you like. Don't forget to invite your friends to vote for you - it will help you to win:) Believe me, that's is something you cannot miss:) Good luck to you<3

And the last thing I want to tell you now. Another small idea for your outfits:) Pay attention to the way I'm wearing my belt - when the buckle is not in the middle:) I've been wearing my belts like this since school probably and I don't even remember why I started doing it. If you look at all my previous outfits you'll see that it's not a new trick for me, but it can be something new for you, that's why I wanted to focus your attention on this:) 

Thanks for the photos to my lovely Julia Biliawska<3 (in her Instagram you can find our selfie from this day:))

jeans - shein (buy here, I ordered size XL and they are a bit big for me)
blouse - shein (buy here, mine is in size M)
hat - stradivarius
boots - new look
bag - cambridge satchel)
watch - daniel wellington (buy hereuse "MANNEQUIN-PARADE" code for 15% discount)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3