August 10, 2015

Provocative T-Shirt

How often do you do anything provocative?) I can't say that for me it's usual behaviour, but somehow I decided to order this white t-shirt:) It looks very simple, but I think you need to be brave enough to wear it. The reaction of people was different. Some ladies were looking at me disapprovingly, some people were smiling, two boys who were nearly 13 said that my t-shirt was very cool. Anyway, it was quite an interesting experience:)
Apart from that I had a wonderful morning with my dear Ann Lobanova:) We went to a cafe for breakfast, drank coffee together, walked around a city, ate ice-cream. I'm in love with such mornings<3 Below you can see photos from my and Ann's instagram. Yes, we ate cakes for breakfast!;) Actually, why not!

Thanks for the photos to my Ann<3
white t-shirt - new dress (buy here)
skirt - new dress (buy here)
sunglasses - new dress (buy here)
hat - stradivarius
bag - cndirect (buy here)

 Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3

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