August 16, 2015

Black and White Love

I guess I will never be bored with striped clothes. Is that even possible? It's interesting if there are people who are like "what? stripes? I will never wear them!". I'm on the other side, though. Together with this striped dress I ordered a striped tank top. Ha-ha:)
After a few orders from online shops, I understood that I'd chosen lots of black, white, black-and-white and striped clothes. Somehow I didn't want to go for bright and colorful pieces. So don't be surprised that one day my blog will look like "how to wear black and white clothes 7 days a week and look different":D At least I hope that I will manage to look different:)
And of course, my watch from is perfect for any black and white outfit. By the way, you can still get 15% discount on this site if you use "MANNEQUIN-PARADE" code:) 

And one more "by the way" - I know that sometimes it's difficult to understand what size you should order, that's why I will try to write not only the place where I got some piece but also what size I ordered:) I guess it may be useful for you (this information is always present at the end of the post:) 

Thanks for the photos to my fashion diva Anna Pogribnyak<3 (you should definitely see her blog, as there you'll find lots of interesting things including me:D)
dress - wholesalebuying (buy here, I was going to write what size I ordered, but it was one size:D)
bag - atmosphere
watch - daniel wellington (buy hereuse "MANNEQUIN-PARADE" code for 15% discount)
shoes - converse

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3

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