August 18, 2015

Create Contrasts

Sometimes it's all about contrast:) When you scroll down my photo you see beautiful girlish hairstyle, open shoulders, short skirt and then these Birkenstock-inspired sandals! Ha-ha:) Of course, I have some more feminine shoes but with them this outfit would look too sweet. And I didn't want to look like that:) 
You know already about my love for stripes, so now I want to tell you about my huge passion for spaghetti straps! I've been wearing them a looot recently! And I'm not going to stop:) So you understand why this striped top is my big love! Especially I love the button line:)
I'm almost falling asleep while writing this, so I just want to tell you one thing. Don't be afraid to mix different styles in one outfit. The result may surprise you. In a good way, of course:)

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak and for the hairstyle to Anastasia Kalyna!:) 
top - wholesalebuying (buy here, I ordered size L)
watch - daniel wellington (buy hereuse "MANNEQUIN-PARADE" code for 15% discount)
skirt, sandals - h&m
bag - atmosphere

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Красивый образ! Прическа очень гармонично сочетается с нарядом)

  2. Отличный образ для прогулки, юбочка понравилась!