December 11, 2015

Perfect People

sweater - shein (buy here)
skirt - shein (I ordered here)
hat - dresslink (buy here)
cape, bag - second hand
np: O.TORVALD – Мовчи

This post is not even about my outfit, it's about perfect people around me. I'm sure you know the girl in the photos near me - my friend and my colleague (haha) fashion blogger Anna Pogribnyak. Most of the posts on my blog I created together with her - we meet, walk, have some meal together, and take pictures of each other for our blogs. Recently we even had our first ever meeting with the readers of our blogs - it was an amazing experience! I'm really happy that I have such a person in my life.
People whose hands you'll see in the photo of our breakfast are Alyona Lobanova and Ann Lobanova - very important people in my life. Yes, they are sisters!:D They were even born on one day - today! (12.12). Congrats, girls! I love you and you know it.
And I cannot but tell you about the author of the illustration you'll see below! It's amazingly talented Vika Dorozhon. Previously she drew a couple of my outfits and it was also very beautiful. I really like the style of her drawing - she has a truly unique vision of things.
I may say that I am a very lucky person as all my life I am surrounded by the best people<3 Thank you!

And many thanks to my Alyona Lobanova for these beautiful photos!
 Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


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  3. Такі приємності! Не перестану тобі дякувати:3