December 3, 2015

Perfect 1st of December

fluffy sweater - dresslink (buy here)
bag - dresslink (buy here)
hat - sunny onion (buy here)
coat - second hand
sneakers - zara

np: Sea Radio – Don't Clap

Probably the first thing that you've noticed is my new haircut:) Finally I got my fringe back and my hair became shorter. Some people like it, some people think the previous variant was better. What do you think of it?:)
The photos you see were taken in the morning on the 1st of December. It was my perfect 1st of December! At that moment, it wasn't snowing yet, but later in the afternoon it began to snow. And omg, it was so beautiful! Maybe you saw this photo on my instagram. My New Year mood has officially come! And although the ground isn't covered with snow now, it was my perfect 1st of December. 
I remember the night before the first day of winter - I was sitting on my bed and suddenly I understood that it was 2 hours to winter, but I still hadn't worn all of my autumn coats!:D And among them my favorite one - this amazing dark green baby. So I decided that I had to wear it no matter what! But thankfully the weather wasn't very cold and I wasn't freezing in it. 
This outfit became one of my favorites - together with this coat I had a cozy fluffy sweater that looks like snow and my oversized beanie that I'm in love with. And the bag, by the way. It looks so small, but actually I managed to put my camera inside. And the power bank for my phone. And lots of other important things! I felt like Hermione Granger with her small purple handbag. If you know what I mean:)

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Тобі дуже личить оновлена зачіска!
    І як же мені подобаються твої осінньо-зимні луки, нереальна порція натхнення :)

    1. Ох, дякую, Настя!
      це неймовірно приємно чути!:*