September 1, 2015

Stripes Again!

np: Nuttkase – Symptom Of Rabies

This day was totally dedicated to the first Autumn day:) I'm sure that you've seen hundreds of pictures with "Hello, Autumn" or "Hello, September". Today all the people were separated into two groups - you either love or hate Autumn's first day. Of course, I'm in the first group. And where are you?:)
It's still hot in Kyiv (unfortunately), so I have a chance to wear all the skirts I haven't worn yet. For instance, this burgundy one. I bought it in the second-hand store and you've seen its "sister" previously - I mean the same skirt but of a different color (it was here). This time I paired it with a perfect striped t-shirt from Dressgal! I like everything about it - shape, width of stripes, length of sleeves. Oh, I'm in love:) And yes, in the last post I wrote that I'd ordered 4 pairs of sunglasses from ZeroUV. Here is my second one - cat eye sunglasses, that I had wanted for a long time!:)

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3
t-shirt - dressgal (buy here)
shoes - dressgal (buy here)
skirt, bag - second hand
sunglasses - zerouv (buy here)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your autumn!:)
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Шикарный цвет юбки!! Босоножки шик ;)


  2. Я не люблю осень, потому что после идет зима(((( А зима - это худшее время для меня. Уже в дрожь бросило, когда вспомнила холода!