September 15, 2015

Handmade T-Shirt

top - Isti Upro (buy here)
cardigan, jeans - second hand
bag - cambridge satchel
np: nothing. I'm at work:D

I'm standing with coffee in my hands. Sometimes I buy it mostly for the photoshoot if I think that it may look nice. But definitely not this time. It's early in the morning and coffee is a necessity. My hair is in one messy ponytail, maybe even a little bit wet after the morning shower:) 
From this look of mine you understand that this post is not going to be about my outfit. Not much to tell you here. This post is about talented people who surround me:)
That morning I spent with one of them - Jerry Heil. She is an extremely talented singer and she has her channel on Youtube (you can find it here). We had breakfast together, talked a lot and took photos of each other and for our instagrams:)
Another talented girl was not with us that morning, but she created the top that I was wearing. Her name is Kristina Chuprova and she is my student (I'm a teacher, if you remember:D). She creates amazing handmade t-shirts (here is the page on and I think you should know about her!:) Kristina can paint everything you like. When you want something unusual or unique, just ask her and she'll do it:)

Thanks for the photos to Jerry Heil<3

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Im so in love with outfit! I would definitely wear it! Everything is perfect!

  2. Amazing looks! I really like it:) And shirt is surly nice. Such a artistic thing which i love!

  3. На каких секондах Киева берутся такие штаны и кардиган?! Очень и очень красивый наряд... *-*

    1. Спасибо большое!
      Эти вещи я покупала в Виннице, насколько я помню)