September 25, 2015

Begging for Autumn

coat - dressin (buy here)
striped skirt - wholesalebuying (buy here)
bag - wholesalebuying (buy here)
sneakers - zara
np: Stateless – Down here

As I told you, recently I've had lots of meetings with talented people and this photoshoot is the result of one of them:) I met with a lovely redhead Rita Pavlova and, of course, we had lunch together, talked and walked around the city. My usual programme:D 
The weather in Kyiv is a little bit crazy - although it's the end of September, it's so hot as if it's the end of July. I'm not happy:D It just seems so unfair!:) When you are prepared for cozy autumn outfits, when you think about all the coats you have, when you got all your berets out of the wardrobe and then - BOOM! - not so fast, honey. Wear your t-shirts again! Oh, noooo. Why God, why me!
Autumn, come back. I beg you!

Thanks for the photos to Rita Pavlova:)
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3