November 6, 2016

Everything in its Right Place

sweater - romwe (buy here)
faux leather skirt - romwe (buy here)
watch - audrey billard (buy here, use "NASTIA" code to get your 15% discount)
ring - kiev jewelry (buy here)
faux fur coat - lookhunter (buy here)
backpack - boorbon (buy here)

np: Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place

Outfits on my blog seem to go from one extreme to another - the previous one was from my summer collection and this one suits winter perfectly. Probably you think I've never heard of logic:)
Recently I've thought about the fact, that usually, my days are extremely busy - I run from one place to another, have many shootings for different instagram accounts,  lots of meetings with people.. I hardly ever have some free moments in my life. And I like this rhythm of life:) But at the same time, when people ask me to tell something about my life I feel like I have nothing to tell them, cause almost every single day I do practically the same, having no big news actually. Is that good or bad? I don't know.
But I know for sure that this beige sweater from Romwe is my new big love - I literally can't stop wearing, as it's so cozy, warm and versatile. Another thing you'll see on my blog and instagram often is the watch from Audrey Billard. Such a timeless piece that goes perfectly with close to everything, seriously! By the way, you can use "NASTIA" code to get your discount on 

Thanks for the photos to amazing Mariana Stankevich:) 


  1. Perfect look:) xx

  2. Как мне цвета нравятся! Прям кофе захотелось!