May 26, 2016

Summer Candy Cane

dress - s'olla (buy here)
bag - cambridge satchel
shoes - converse
np: Hippie Sabotage – Devil Eyes

It seems only yesterday we were waiting for pleasant spring, right? But let's face the reality - hot summer is getting closer and closer every day and our wardrobes should be prepared for it.
Personally for me, it's always been easier to compose outfits in spring or autumn, when it's possible to complete a look with scarves, various hats and use layering. But when it's extremely hot and we can't wear lots of clothes, an interesting outfit may be a challenge. Challenge accepted, right?:)
The clue to the question is hiding in statement pieces - it can be an interesting tee OR printed skirts/pants, combined with very basic clothes. Or you can choose unusual bags/shoes - this way even the simplest outfit with look completed.
In my case, the statement piece is this beautiful striped dress from Ukrainian brand S'Olla. It looks like a Christmas candy cane, isn't it?:) It's just perfect, as you don't have to think about any other items for your outfit, this dress is everything you need to look amazing. What is more, it looks great with any bags or shoes: backpacks with sneakers, crossbody bags with lace-up flats and so on. It's excellent for any styles and combinations!

Thanks for the photos to my Tania Solovyova<3

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. love ur outfit, its so cute ^^

  2. Your dress is so lovely, it looks absolutely stunning on you!

    I can't believe summer is almost upon us. I too struggle with styling my outfits this time of year. Lot's of sundresses and Tshirts come in handy.

    With Love,
    Elizabeth Anne

    1. Oh, here is the summer:)
      Personally I'm waiting for autumn already, haha)

  3. super:) xx