May 23, 2016

Pajama Dressing Trend

pajamas - balcony garment (buy here)
loafers - l'carvari (buy here)
sunglasses - zerouv (buy here)
furry bag - mango
np: Nouvelle Vague – In a Manner of Speaking

How many times did you dream about wearing your pajamas the whole day? How many times were you actually wearing them all day long? Sometimes it's the best option for the weekend, we all know that, so make sure you have beautiful and comfy pajamas for such occasions:)
Thanks to pajama dressing trend we have an amazing opportunity to wear pajamas even outside home. You must have seen already PJ-style among the main trends of spring 2016 and I'm definitely a big fan of it.
The pajamas you see in these photos are from Balcony Garment - Ukrainian brand of clothes for home. I cannot but mention that I'm a part of Balcony Garment team and have been working with them for a long time already. So when I say "They have the best pajamas in the world", I really mean it. I just know what I'm talking about:)
First, I thought about combining this set with some sneakers or slip-ons, but then I decided to style it in a more classy way - adding my favorite loafers from L'Carvari, a fluffy bag, and a velvet burgundy choker. In this way, it looks very chic and not so casual. 
I must say that the feeling is just amazing when you're walking in the city wearing pajamas! In this outfit I had a few meetings, visited Tattoo Festival and a number of different cafes. Very comfortable and definitely worth wearing!

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Настя, очень стильный лучок получился!) Но, одновременно с этим, уютный и милый)

    RitaLifestyle.comInsta: m_margaritka

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!

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  3. Nice:) xx

  4. It's a risky outfit, but you wear it soooo stylish!! ; ) I love this trend! : )