March 14, 2016

Quality or Quantity?

sweater dress - shein (buy here)
coat - oksana pravnyk atelier (buy here)
backpack - boorbon (buy here)
boots - zara
np: Feder feat. Emmi – Blind (Radio Edit)

It's always interesting to notice how your preferences change with the time. Almost all my life, when it came to the question "Quantity or Quality" I chose the latter. I always thought it was better to have more clothes of worse quality that having just one but really good, and I had the same approach towards shoes and bags too. Although it seems like I start changing my opinion. One of the reasons for that was me buying bags from Ukrainian brand Boorbon - the backpack you see in these photos and the bag was in this post. Made of leather, with amazing quality - I fell in love with them. The price is not much bigger than in most mass markets nowadays, by the way. And I noticed that in most cases I don't want to take any other bags except these two - it feels so good to have a good quality bag with you. And in general, I see that I feel more confident if I'm wearing a good coat, a good watch, etc. Even if I'm wearing the same thing more often than usually:) Maybe I just become older? 
So what is your opinion? Quality or Quantity?

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Beautiful outfit : ) The dress seems to be really cool (I adore grey dresses : ) and your coat is just perfect ; )

    1. Thanks, dear! This dress always saves me in cases I don't want to think much about the outfit;))