March 25, 2016

Meet the Second Video

faux fur coat - lookhunter (buy here)
turtleneck - shein (buy turtlenecks here)
jeans - shein (buy here)
kepi - cvetkova flora (buy here)
boots - zara (similar here and here)
bag - cambridge satchel (similar here and here)

Believe it or not, but these photos were taken in the middle of February, but I show them to you only now. And not only photos, as you see - I have another video by talented Andrew Himich on my blog! It's the second video we created together and I can't wait to shoot the third one. Somehow it looks so magical when you see your outfit in motion. By the way, we had taken these photos before it began to snow. And you must watch the video at least in order to see those magical snowy moments! No more words from me:)

Many thanks for the video and the photos to Andrew Himich!:)

 Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3