March 30, 2016

7 Tips How to Find Your Personal Style

wine sweater - romwe (buy here)
jeans - sheinside (buy here, I ordered size M)
bag - coccinelle
kepi - cvetkova flora (buy here)
coat - pull&bear (similar here and here)
boots - zara (similar here and here)
np: Stealth – Judgement Day

Finding your personal style is definitely not easy and sometimes it can last for the whole life as we are all changing every single day and, therefore, our tastes are changing too.
But if you manage to understand what your style is like, with time you'll just improve it or add some new elements.
In this post, I'll try to help you to find your personal style.
1) Think about who you are. Your character, your habits, everyday routine and style of living. Your clothes should more or less reflect it. If you still study at school or university, don't wear too open and short clothes, and if you are running from place to place for the whole day, then prefer flats over heels, of course. Whatever your character is, you may show it with clothes.
2) Analyze your wardrobe in order to understand what you like wearing and what you don't. Sometimes in our wardrobes we have clothes that don't bring us any pleasure - maybe they're too old, or not beautiful, or completely boring. Throw them away! They definitely can't be a part of your personal style. Wearing only things you truly love will make you much happier. 
3) Sort out your wardrobe. I think it's pretty logical after the previous point. Don't keep things of a bad quality, things that are in a bad condition (overworn and shabby) and things that are not of your size. They won't make you beautiful. Also, you should wear only things you feel comfortable in. If you have an extremely short dress you always pull down while wearing, just give it to your little sister;)
4) Look at your favorite bloggers. Yes, that's right!:) I'm sure that you are following lots of them and you like their style. But whose style would you try on? Pay special attention to those, whose outfits you can recreate and wear in your everyday life. Color combinations, outfit ideas, statement pieces they wear - analyze every single detail and think what you can adopt for your own style. I don't say to copy them, just be inspired!
5) Choose the trends. You shouldn't follow all of them, believe me! Choose only those that suit you! For example, cropped flare jeans are becoming more and more popular, but if they don't look good on you - ignore this trend. 
6) Find some distinguishing piece. I mean some thing, that will be associated with you - interesting earrings, different watches, various hats, rings, etc. It can be anything on Earth, the only rule here is that you should really like this thing. If you never wore hats before, very unlikely that you'll feel comfortable wearing them on a regular basis.
7) Don't restrict yourself. Even if you are a romantic girl and you've decided to wear beautiful dresses and midi skirts, don't forget that you can always wear a girlish dress with biker boots and a leather jacket;) Wearing a suit with sneakers may also bring that extra something to your outfit:)

Wow, that's a lot of words. If you made it till the end - you are my hero! Hope this post will be useful for you:)

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. замечательные снимки и образ!

  2. I really love the jumper in combo with this military jacket! <3
    Looks great!

    xoxo, Colli

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  4. Такая симпатичная в кепи! Раньше меня было не заставить хоть что-то надеть на голову: шапку, шляпку, кепочку. Но сейчас...ну вот, пишу вдохновительный коммент головным уборам))))