October 9, 2016

Transitioning Wardrobe from Summer to Autumn

turtleneck - shein (buy turtlenecks here)
skirt - shein (buy similar here)
top - pull&bear
watch - wewood (buy here)
sunglasses - zaful (buy here)
backpack - boorbon (buy here)
np: Otious – All I Know

The approach of autumn doesn't mean you have to forget about your summer clothes. Before it's not freezing cold outside, you have lots of opportunities to enlarge your autumn wardrobe with the things you'd been wearing during summer.
1) The first trick you can see in this post of mine - wearing tops and t-shirts over the turtlenecks. It has been popular for a while already, but not lots of people really wear them in such a way. Try it out:)
2) Wear sweaters and sweatshirts over your summer dresses. In this case, dresses will look like skirts (skirts you didn't have before:)), and moreover, the combination of light and dense fabrics always looks interesting.
3) Layering seems just like a logical continuation after first two tips. In order not to get cold and look stylish, layer and combine as many things as you need. A t-shirt + a cardigan + a coat / a shirt + a sweater + a leather jacket / a dress + a cardigan + a parka - that's just the beginning! You can go further and add more layers, throwing on some scarves, ponchos, etc.
4) Wear socks! It may be clear about the necessity of tights, but you may forget about the socks. Having bare ankles is not an option anymore, so adding some socks can be very helpful, besides being stylish. You can choose socks of the same color as your bag, accessories, or some items of the outfit. I particularly love shiny and furry socks:)
5) Add traditional autumn colors, like brown, mustard, burgundy, navy, khaki, and so on. They can be present in your clothes palette, as well as in the colors of your make-up and nail polish. With them your outfit will look complete and more suitable for autumn:)
Hope that was useful for you! If you have any more ideas, feel free to write them in the comment section below:)

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak:)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Чудовий лук!
    Настя, скажіть, будь ласка, як ви вважаєте де можна придбати теплу та красиву дублянку/куртку/шубу, щоб підходила для нашої зими?

    1. Багато теплих та гарних речей є в бренду Booriva:)

  2. top poverh odezhdy - eto, konechno, trend. No ne babushkina kompinatsiya sverhu na golf! ppz