September 30, 2016

Perfect for Autumn

dress - be yourself (buy here)
sunglasses - zerouv
bag - cambridge satchel
boots - zara

np: Hayden James – Just A Lover

Autumn is always very special for me. It's the time when we all want to feel warm and cozy, therefore we should create corresponding outfits. My latest discovery is a sweater dress from Be Yourself. I know such dresses have been popular for quite a long time already, but it's the first one in my wardrobe. I should say it's just a perfect piece! It keeps you warm and makes you look stylish without much of an effort. You can add just the boots and voila! Your outfit is ready. Just imagine one of those cold mornings when you simply can't get out of the bed, staying there till the last possible moment and then having no time for dressing up. Instead of having a panic attack and all that I-have-nothing-to-wear situation, you just fish out this navy beauty and put it on. Without even ironing. How perfect is that?

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak:)
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Amazing pictures, you look beautiful, I love your jacket ; )

    1. Thanks a lot! This jacket is quite old, want to find a new leather jacket:)

  2. Очень интересно на что снимаете свои фотографии? Они получаются очень качественными и красивыми.

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