August 20, 2016

Series ReWatcher

striped jumpsuit - shein (sold out, buy similar here)
bag - zaful (buy here)
sunglasses - zerouv (buy here)
shoes - l.a.p.t.i.
hat - h&m
np: Banks–Gemini Feed 

I really don't know how people manage to watch all the new series. It's not that I don't watch them at all, I just really like rewatching my favorites. Recently I've started rewatching Sex and the City (first season - done!) and I must say their outfits are quite inspirational even nowadays - there are some stylish tricks that can be easily adapted. Then (of course!) I need to rewatch Friends. For the thousandth time, yes:) And I really want to watch Gilmore Girls once again - the cutest series ever. So yes, how do people watch something new, if there are so many good things to rewatch?
As for the outfit, I guess it's one of the last typically summerish looks. And no, I'm not sad because of it:)

Thanks for the photos to Andrew Himich:) 
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Replies
    1. Дякую! У Ані такий же)) перша річ, яку ми замовили однакову))

  2. Очаровательный образ! :) Нравится и комбинезон и шляпка-канотье!


    1. Спасибо большое! Очень долго искала свою идеальную соломенную шляпу) рада, что таки нашла))