July 23, 2016

Almost Office Dress-Code

shirt - zaful (buy here, I ordered size S)
culottes - zaful (buy here, I ordered size M)
bag - boorbon 
sunglasses - zerouv 
shoes - new look
np: Parov Stelar – Heavens Radio (feat. Y'Akoto)

Being a fashion blogger, I have a great opportunity to try different styles, trends, and combinations. Even if it may look strange sometimes, I feel like I have a full right for that and therefore I don't feel uncomfortable.
Luckily enough, I've never dealt with an office dress-code. But I can create some outfits that may be appropriate for it, why not?:) 
And yes, this is my second look from Poland trip, two more left:)

Thanks for the photos to Julia Biliawska:)
 Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. super:) xx

  2. Рубашка выглядит даже интереснее, чем на сайте магазина) Классный образ!